June 6, 2010

Self-Pity: The Reunion Tour

Well, here it is another Sunday, and how do I choose to celebrate the day of God's rest from all that he created?  By watching a Law and Order marathon naturally.  *sigh*  You'd think this would be a pivotal moment of great introspection on the shallowness of how I choose to spend my time.  You'd think so anyway.  I'm too busy presently wallowing in a great big vat of Self-Pity probably soon to be followed by a Woe Is Me nap.  I'm not giving up......but I am giving in...for today at least.  Oh wait, I did that already yesterday, didn't I?  Do me a favor and back away quietly while I draw the covers of my head.  It's not polite to watch a grown woman cry.

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